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Becoming a mentor with The Mayfly Project UK means spending time with a child to introduce them to the sport of fly-fishing. For some children in care, this can be life-changing. This approach is perfect for young people in foster care because it takes the pressure off them to be a certain way or meet an expectation; they are there to learn how to fish and to take a break from their everyday lives.


The Mayfly Project UK is committed to our 1:1 mentor ratio when working with children in foster care because we know these children value the time with their mentor, and it’s the most efficient way to teach fly fishing. The memories made by celebrating successes, working through wind knots together and giving high fives after releasing a fish, all surmount to essential experiences for our mentees.

Interested in becoming a menTOr?


Our 5 Session Mentoring Commitment:

The tested, TMPUK project model consists of five group mentoring sessions within a six-month time frame, where each mentor is partnered one-to-one with a young person in foster care. We ask that all mentors commit to a minimum of five project sessions over a span of 3-6 months with their project team. All project mentors are required to attend one of our focused trauma informed and safeguarding training sessions prior to the start of the season. Outside of mentoring, mentors are required to help develop their local TMPUK project with fundraising and networking.

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